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How to install a projector?

How to install a projector?

tomato sztomato.com 2017-06-20 10:06:35
The last time I showed you the android projector china, my friends said they were really in love with the projector and were eager to play with it. But where it is, it becomes a problem. In fact, we don't have to worry too much about the installation and debugging details of the projector. These guys, the tech guys out there will help us get it! What we should be thinking about is what we want to do with the projector, when we put it, and when we want to look at it. When these questions are clear, it is natural to know where the projector should be. Add a little bit of common sense and preparation, and you'll be able to wait for the door-to-door service.
How do you walk
If you walk, you can walk the Ming line, or you can walk through the dark line.
The walking line is where the line is visible outside, although it is a bit messy, but it is convenient for it to be finished. A dark line is a slot in the wall, hiding the thread inside the wall or the ground. So the buried line is to chisel the ground, suit to still be in decorate stage. But it's safer and prettier to leave the projectors in advance when planning. There are three of them, two HDMI lines, one audio line, each corresponding to the input and output terminals of the china android projector.

▏ input ▕
Two HDMI connections are used to connect to the source, and two of them are for multiple needs. If you plan to install a projector, the two lines are best buried in a dark line. After all, the equipment is attached to the machine, and the source and the projector can only be placed nearby, and the line position can be more flexible. If it's too late to walk, it doesn't matter if you walk. But the line should consider the distance from the projector, and the location is very limited. After all, even if the line is long enough, you can't let the wire wrap around the house for half a week. Of course there are all kinds of wireless connections now, but it can have an effect on the quality of the picture, and the signal is unstable when it's stable.

▏ output ▕
An audio line is used to connect a stereo or a stereo, which can be connected from a projector and can be connected from the source. You don't have to think about it using a projector. You want to buy a stereo in general when you want to have a home theater effect. Then you have to connect to the stereo and then connect to the audio. This line, which is connected by the projector, can be connected to the dark line so that the position is more flexible. If the projector is not too convenient, for example, the projector is in a sling, it can also be connected from the source. After all, the source and sound tend to be on the side of the curtain, close to each other. The line of the power and the stereo is still the bright line, the general line also is not long, let the stereo be close to the power close point is good.
Keep a few in the socket
There are four sockets for the projector in the home. Next to the projector, the curtain is one, and the source and audio are each one. The principle, of course, is that the closer the machine is, the better. The curtain of the curtain tends to be on the top, and if the projector is also in a sling, it is the top two sockets. If you walk a dark line before, the source and the amplifier can be on one side of the curtain, on the wall of the curtain. If the line is clear, it will be on the side of the mini projector cable company, which will be reserved in advance to open the outlet on the nearest wall. Of course, we can only pull in the line. When choosing socket, the best pick of the switch, because the connection position often are not good enough, if long time no see, to avoid plug, or a switch.