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How to install a projector? 2

  • Author:tomato
  • Source:sztomato.com
  • Release on :2017-06-20

The last time I showed you the android projector china, my friends said they were really in love with the projector and were eager to play with it. But where it is, it becomes a problem. In fact, we don't have to worry too much about the installation and debugging details of the projector. These guys, the tech guys out there will help us get it! What we should be thinking about is what we want to do with the projector, when we put it, and when we want to look at it. When these questions are clear, it is natural to know where the projector should be. Add a little bit of common sense and preparation, and you'll be able to wait for the door-to-door service.

How does the projector fitThe installation of the projector is divided into four types, including installation, backcasting, side casting and ceiling mounting.There is a little bit of room for the backdrops, and the home projector doesn't work that way.Let's talk about the other three.

▕ ▏ is for installation
This is where the china android projector and the viewer are on the same side, and the camera is projecting the curtain. There are a lot of options. A common installation location has a partition on the wall opposite the curtain, and the projector can be connected to the playback machine. If the space is relatively rich, also can add a high cabinet behind the shadow sofa. The upper and upper part of the projector is a projector that can be used in other places to receive. The tea table or low table that is placed in the front of the sofa is also a choice, mainly the size of the room and the optimal distance. The advantages of the positing are obvious, and the connection between the source and the audio is flexible. But because there is no fixed, everyday action is easy to encounter, you may need to adjust the projection position frequently.

▏ side cast ▕
Side is a recently emerging installation method, only by adjusting the level of specific projector keystone correction, let the projector even without is the curtain, also be able to get normal picture. As a result, the location of the projector is more along with the gender, even before there is no space to set aside the projector was laid, or room area is limited, also can use to launch edges. But this side of quality or damage to a certain extent, and has a side shot function of projector price are expensive, everyone still weigh and then make a decision.
▕ ▏ ceiling installation
A ceiling installation can be used for both positive and drop shots, as the name implies, the projection of a mini projector cable company on the roof. So it's going to be on the top of the curtain in front of the curtain. When installing, notice whether the chandelier is still in the room, and don't let the dangling chandelier block the projection. Because the location is fixed, don't worry about the image offset. There is no barrier and it is better for heat dissipation. But if you're going to go off the line, you're going to think about it. Two HDMI from the top of the head, ugly and insecure.

Where is the curtain.
▏ frame curtain ▕
The frame curtain is on the wall. When it was finished, it was fixed. It couldn't be put away. So install frame curtain, need to occupy a whole metope. In order to see shadow effect, in the circumstance that satisfies the shadow distance, choose one's biggest wall.

▏ electric curtain ▕
The electric curtain can be put on the roof, and it can be adjusted freely.
It is important to note that the electric curtain cannot be pressed against the wall, ensuring at least 100mm heat dissipation space.

▕ ▏ curtain height
The height of the curtain is based on the height of the viewer.Whether sitting or lying down, a little bit more on the front, and then focusing on that point, is the center of the curtain. After the height of the center, the height of the house and the height of the curtain will be able to measure how high the curtain is.
How is the distance
▕ ▏ viewing distance
The best viewing distance is determined by the size of the curtain. Just like we choose a seat in the cinema, the most comfortable distance should be the center. So how far is this distance from the curtain? The answer is 0.87 times the width of the curtain.

▕ ▏ projection distance
The distance between the projector and the curtain is the size of the projector. The parameters of each model are different, but generally speaking, the larger the image, the farther away from the curtain. When installing the projector, compare the size of the screen to the size of your screen. You can also consult with the technical personnel responsible for the installation.

This is just a brief introduction, and hopefully you'll be able to figure out what's going on in your mind after you've seen it.When it's time to install, there is a sense of layout, knowing where you're going to be, and which side of the wall you're going to be. Because it is a very professional and install projector, if it is not very knowledgeable or special DIY spirit, or suggest that we only provide some specific merchants on the other side of the technical personnel to be responsible for installation.