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the main points you need to pay attention when you buy the mini projector

  • Author:tomato
  • Source:sztomato.com
  • Release on :2017-05-31
Young people carry portable micro-projector for work, entertainment, party becoming fashionable. How to choose a stylish and practical portable micro-projector also need to understand the micro-projector.
1, small size
Portable micro-projector as the name suggests, is to carry, carry on the need for small size. The miniature standard of the miniature projector is based on the suit of men's suits.

2, independent Internet access
Portable micro-projector business applications sometimes need to share the network cloud information; entertainment online viewing video, independent Internet is very important.

3, built-in battery
Portable miniature projector portable, occasion uncertain, built-in battery, boot is very important to vote.

4, mobile phone charging
Portable micro-projector can charge for the phone is also very convenient, when the phone out of power when the solution can be urgent.

5, practical brightness
Portable micro projector size is small, but the brightness of up to 1000 lumens above the practical brightness, the brightness of about 10 people to meet the business exchanges and indoor 100-inch video viewing.

6, a variety of interfaces
Portable micro projector is a multi-functional micro-projector requires a common interface is more convenient.

7, portable china android projector wireless connection mobile phone to do the output of large-screen, for business and entertainment has been very popular. Portable miniature projector with wireless connection phone function is very important.