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How many do you know about the 10 ways of playing the TV box?

  • Author:tomato
  • Source:sztomato.com
  • Release on :2017-06-29
With the rapid development of the Internet, ordinary TV has been unable to meet the needs of family viewing. The network box has also become the indispensable viewing tool of the contemporary family. However, many network media players only know the box can view, in fact, there are more fancy box play. Here are 10 common ways of playing. How many do you know?
1, old TV can also be connected
The box itself is Android for non smart TV and smart TV user experience, the most commonly used is the HDMI output interface, all of the boxes are accompanied by a HDMI HD line, a head of a plug head is connected with the TV, can make an ordinary TV turned into "smart tv".

Even on an older model, you can also buy a video line to check in, but only after the connection, you need to adjust the resolution options based on the resolution.

2, software installation
The product is Android Android box under the ecological system, has the same characteristics of the open, so Android boxes have USB interface, when installing software can be stored in external U disk card to install the software, can also use the double male line link computer, can also direct access to SkyDrive in the box to download also, you can download software in the Android TV BOXES wholesale china application market.
3. Watch live TV
Ask those who buy box why buy box, answer most is to watch TV live, can enjoy more network video live broadcast.

Android box also has a big advantage is the TV broadcast content can be infinitely expanded, not only has built hundreds of television broadcast software, users can also find the TV program source address on the Internet to see their love into play.

4, on demand movie / TV play
Comparing TV with PC, when watching movies or TV shows, the former has the advantages of "on-demand" and "back sowing", and the resources are vast. The latter is large screen and good visual experience. So another big feature of Android's box is that you can install a lot of content aggregation software, so that television can be like a computer watching movies, watching TV, and the update time is not behind the TV or movie theater.

5, play the game
Despite the increasing progress of Android's console games, it is still hard to play games via Wholesale Best Android TV Box, mainly limited by manipulation modes.
At present, most Android games are touch-screen control, box control side of the remote control simply can not meet. Some players have to use the handle to experience, but most joint ventures without button mapping function, so the handle will encounter incompatibilities.

In addition, Android game size is generally larger, box memory is difficult to support, so the big screen game is still a lot of business as a breakthrough. But this does not mean that the box can not play games, and some games that can be manipulated by the box remote control can also make you happy. Somatosensory and handle games can also make some gamers experience something special.