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Some questions about the TV box?

  • Author:tomato
  • Source:sztomato.com
  • Release on :2017-09-28
Buy a Android TV box is equivalent to smart TV? Which box is better now? See the box, mainly to see its content, or hardware or software?

1., buy a smart android tv box is equivalent to smart TV? Yes, now a lot of smart TV is in the traditional TV plus an intelligent operating system, most are based on Android, some of its own system, recommended here choose to use Android system based on box, good compatibility, third party APP.

2. which box is good now? The mainstream price is 300-500 boxes, too expensive and not poor workmanship is not recommended, the configuration is poor, too expensive 1000+ HD belongs to the friends of the world, is strictly local hard disk player, not in the scope of the general public in;
3., look at the Android tv box with video recording , mainly to see its content, or hardware or software? Hardware and software are very important, the basic requirements of the mainstream CPU+1GRAM+8GROM hardware interface, such as USB, TF card, AV port is complete, the software system is stable, commonly used functions such as local playback, U disk installation, complete live video;

4., what are the advantages of the Realtek RTD1295 Android tv box on the market compared with other Shanzhai boxes? TV box is mainly mature, stable and rich in resources, and the materials, workmanship and system updates of the Shanzhai boxes are not guaranteed.