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Look!!! Purchasing skills

  • Author:tomato
  • Source:sztomato.com
  • Release on :2017-10-18
Everyone on the TV the clarity of the increasingly high demand, many TV also provides HDMI high-definition interface, in terms of hardware products have many boxes can satisfy this demand, but different manufacturers and partners in different sources of TV, HD storage and technology are different, some manufacturers can provide high-definition TV viewing experience. But look at sources and rarely, so when we buy must pay attention to this point.

hardware configuration
Like our phones, the hardware configuration is also an important indicator, the number of CPU core from single core, dual core to quad core step by step upgrade, memory capacity from 256 to 1G to 2G is also gradually increased. In theory, of course, is the magnitude of the higher the better, because it can keep up with the speed of development, the machine will not be eliminated, but also to consider the price, do not blindly pursue high configuration, enough on the line.

operating system
At present, most of the boxes that can be purchased in China are Android system, and the Android system is also a relatively powerful and versatile operating system. Many manufacturers are optimized according to their own Android UI system, so we should pay attention to a point on the operating system is to optimize the conditions for its own UI from different manufacturers, the operation is convenient, the system is running smoothly and so on.
Expanding function
Although the Android Smart TV Box on the purchase, most of the attention function or in its ability to play HD content, but in addition, the TV Box android Support True Dolby Digital provides some expanded functions such as set-top box, whether to support the hard disk broadcasting whether LAN support whether it can browse pictures, browse the web and so on, but also the factors to be considered when we buy a Android set-top box, good not only can watch high-definition video from the web, should also be able to meet more aspects of network application.

Firmware update capability
HD network set-top box hardware technology has been very mature, but there is still room for further improvement of the software, especially network smart tv box DLNA strong compatibility, scalability, but also can be upgraded through firmware to reality. Therefore, in the selection of firmware upgrade ability is still very necessary to consider, you also need to buy products at that time is not to support some functions also need to upgrade the firmware can be solved, some products can also be resolved by failure to upgrade firmware.

After-sale service
As a new product, under the pressure of market competition, the development of chip, software and hardware is very fast, and it is difficult to avoid the problem, so the after-sales service is extremely important. How to compensate for the lack of innate products via customer service, improve customer satisfaction, reputation and brand loyalty, and establish product reputation, enhance brand value that each player manufacturer should seriously consider the issue.