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How to determine the quality about CPU of Smart TV box ?

  • Author:Tomato
  • Release on :2014-10-24

The experts suggest that when want to test the smart TV box running speed ,you can choose play racing, fighter jets taking off and other fast dynamic picture. If there is tailing phenomenon, it indicates a relatively slow speed of response television. Also, you can use the TV access for testing, open several pages to watching videos at the same time. If the video not smooth, then prove that the TV box is running slow.

Also, pay attention to whether the operating system is Android4.0 or Android4.2. "Android system has been introduced several versions, but the previous version is not suitable for use in the smart TV box, until version 4.0 came out, only suitable for use in the smart TV box..

Now we have a lot more than Android4.2 smart TV box. For example: TM8 Google Tv BoxT288 Smart Android Tv Box, Mk288 Android Tv quad core, and so on. These TV box running speed is very fast.