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Industry News

Attenstion! Mistakes made in television boxes
Release on 2017-09-26No.1: long term use without shutdown Everything needs a break. Whether it's a computer or a human being, it takes some time to rest after a long perio...Read More
10 ways of playing video boxes 2
Release on 2017-09-255, local video playback This is an additional function of the Android Smart TV Box, because the box itself is not much memory, and no mouse button ope...Read More
10 ways of playing TV boxes
Release on 2017-09-22With the rapid development of the Internet, ordinary TV has been unable to meet the needs of family viewing. The Media player HDMI input has also beco...Read More
Clever use of smart TV / TV box, Bluetooth function!
Release on 2017-09-21Whether it is a smart TV or Smart TV Box HDMI Input, Bluetooth is one of the basic functions, but because of the existence of the WIFI, Bluetooth seem...Read More
What's the TV box? Deep grilled network TV box features! 2
Release on 2017-09-20Web browsing In fact, web browsing is not a strong point for a Full hd android tv box. After all, site entry is very cumbersome for a TV box that requ...Read More
What's the TV box? Deep grilled network TV box features!
Release on 2017-09-19TV box is a small computing terminal, simply by HDMI or color line technology to connect it with traditional TV, can realize web browsing, video playb...Read More
What is hard solution? Soft solution???
Release on 2017-09-18"Hard solution" and "soft solution" in decoder" Solution: the solution is hard hard to complete the need in the machine special decoder chip, quality ...Read More
What's the source of television?
Release on 2017-09-15In a variety of television and video software settings, often see two words, one is the TV source, source 1, source 2, source 3.". One is the decoder ...Read More
TV box tips memory shortage how to do?
Release on 2017-09-14At present, most TV box products in the market are mainly based on 4GB storage and 8GB storage capacity. Therefore, the majority of TV box users in th...Read More
Teach you how to screen your computer video onto a smart TV / TV box!
Release on 2017-09-13What is a multi screen interaction? I love to toss shoes may know a little small in simple words to explain, multi screen interactive software, is thr...Read More
Teach you how to make a TV box available for multiple TV networks!
Release on 2017-09-12There are many TV sets in the room, and there is only one Internet TV BOX  video recording. It is impossible to match a TV cable with a PVR Media play...Read More
Easy to resolve upgrade failure, automatically restart symptoms!
Release on 2017-09-11I believe many people have encountered the failure of True Dolby Digital Android tv box upgrade or restart frequently. So how to solve the problem qui...Read More
The TV box can only be watched live? Jest! 2
Release on 2017-09-08Voice search: If you have a voice search function in the box, remember, this is not what chicken ribs function, even if the majority of PVR Media play...Read More
The TV box can only be watched live Jest!
Release on 2017-09-07The network TV box appeared very early, free to watch the massive video resources is its biggest characteristic, then with the norms of the market of ...Read More
What are the reasons for the impact of TV boxes on live television and video resources? 2
Release on 2017-09-065, Broadband service provider restrictions The difference will lead to playback problems, because of the competition and cooperation relationship betw...Read More
What are the reasons for the impact of TV boxes on live television and video resources?
Release on 2017-09-05Due to the current player chip for local video resources decoding technology has been very mature, so now the network media player met the basic sourc...Read More
TV box these hidden functions, you know?
Release on 2017-09-04Since the listing of the Android streaming box HDMI Input has been widely welcomed by users, especially online video and APP can be extended to instal...Read More
What happens when the TV box suddenly does not sound?
Release on 2017-09-01More and more people use TV boxes, but many users will encounter this situation. When the Android Smart TV Box is connected to the TV, there will be n...Read More
What if the TV box doesn't have a signal?
Release on 2017-08-31Is a TV box connected by TV and external equipment of a device, in the process of using it to the signal into the TV to be able to read the content, a...Read More
What should I pay attention to in the TV box? 5 great knowledge must not be unknown! 2
Release on 2017-08-30Priority wired networks do not rely too much on wireless Now on the market are almost the smart android tv box supports dual band WIFI, and even some ...Read More