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TV Box Changes Your Way Of Life

TV Box Changes Your Way Of Life

Tomato www.sztomato.com 2017-06-06 09:43:45

Full hd android tv box as an Android host, you can install the TV version of the Andrews application, then theoretically it is like a computer, through the software can achieve more features smart TV box in fact there are many uses, and even change your way of life.


Work abroad to learn a small partner, usually with the phone with family video, want to chat with family, but the phone screen is too small friends. Want to see all the family, and the panorama of the home! Now with the smart android tv box, you can use the big screen with family free video call.



Box office 80% of people think that the 4K Mi TV box wholesales is only home users, but the times are changing, people will bring the box into the office. For example, in the traditional needs of many people to demonstrate the meeting,
A finished is B, B finished is C, or holding a notebook or with a U disk, in fact, very convenient. Now, as long as the box loaded with a similar third-party software like AirPC, the box instantly become a screen to share the transfer station, ABC no longer need to take turns, directly with the phone, PC or flat wireless screen to projection, TV, PC or Flat, on the phone, to achieve a screen at the same time more investment, the meeting demonstration efficiency is clearly higher!