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Android 6.0 Marshmallow highlights

Android 6.0 Marshmallow highlights

Tomato Tomato 2017-04-28 17:35:16
Android 6.0 Marshmallow highlights

1. Memory management is a bright spot Android 6.0, Google official will be on the memory management for further optimization. For non-social APP, Andrews 6.0 will enable the "tombstone mechanism", the background will no longer consume memory. After upgrading to Andrews 6.0, 512 memory can be smooth to burst.

2. Faster system updates

As Andrews equipment fragmentation serious, coupled with great hardware differences, many times, Google is indeed launched a wave of updates, but want to smooth upgrade is not so easy. But in the latest Android 6.0 system, Google or will completely solve this problem. Andrews 6.0 will be system updates and OEM manufacturers to distinguish between updates, the core system will be a separate upgrade. For example, manufacturers offer a set of custom desktop themes, plus a number of self-service applications, but the core of the Android system is not affected.

3. Android 6.0 will continue to maintain the optimization of life in order to provide higher battery utilization.

4. Free root uninstall built-in

Android 6.0 will allow more privileges for users to allow preloading applications to be uninstalled without affecting critical system operating environments. This can remove the user access to root privileges trouble, more convenient white users.

5. The new night mode

Starting from Android 5.0, Google in the native system which introduced a lot of white interface color, many users think that the white interface is very dazzling at night. In Android 6.0, Google will add a night mode, easy to play the phone at night or like to read e-book users, but also play a certain energy-saving effect.

6. To  improve the flat ecology

Google Android Tablet PC sales in general excellent, but the actual experience far less than iPad, a lot of Andrews tablet APP are simple and rude to the mobile version of APP zoom.
In Android 6.0, the popularity of Materials Design will bring gospel to tablet users, and get a nice display on tablets and larger screens or displays.

7. A substantial improvement notice column

The notification bar will be the focus of the Android 6.0 improvement, the entire notification bar is more concise than before, using a two-stage drop-down design. In the unlock interface will pop up preview window, no need to unlock the corresponding operation, simple and efficient fast.

8. Pay more attention to business users

Starting from Android 6.0, Google began to focus on business and work. Android for Work allows users not to carry two devices with both, to ensure that work and life can be integrated, but also to make the work environment and personal environment completely different.

9, Integrated Android Wear

When Android Wear was released, Google exposed the ambition to try to rule the world with Android. Users who install Android Wear on their phones need to be paired with the watch before they can download and install the app. The latest 6.0 system will integrate Android Wear, to avoid such a complicated operation.