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Android Smart TV Boxes

  • Author:sztomato.com
  • Source:sztomato.com
  • Release on:2017-01-11

   Android TV can be an unclear term. If you go to eBay you can see countless listings for things that refer to it running Android and being a wise TV. Some listings might particularly describe Kodi. However, none of these run Android TV despite the fact that they run Android on a TV. Google announced Android TV in 2014 at Google I/O. While it runs Android similar to other boxes, Google has added extra apps and software application assistance to produce a much better leanback user experience. The 2 are extremely different and this post will be an expedition of these differences.Meanings

This article is going to utilize the words "Android" and "TV" a lot. To make it more clear exactly what I'm discussing, I will attempt to use specific language. When I'm speaking about Google's execution of Android for TV sets, I'll call it "Android TV". When I'm describing OEMs who put stock Android in an unofficial set-top box, I'll call it "Android box".