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kodi international live tv streaming media player

kodi international live tv streaming media player

Tomato Tomato 2017-01-05 01:07:10

While keeping on the topic of question that we receive regularly here at Onenuts Android media player, I thought we would write an article about Onenuts International Live Streams.

  We get email asking if the Onenuts Nut 1 Android TV Box can use KODI from different countries. Unlimited Streaming for FREE - The Onenuts Nut 1 is fully loaded and ready to start steaming your favorite TV shows, movies or sporting events without ever paying another dollar. I guess you could call it an Android International Streaming Box.

  The OneNuts 2 in 1 Andriod Media Player Game Box preload with a custom-built Kodi 16.1 that allows users to either use the program as

a clean build or allow a special pre-installed wizard to install a number of add-ons into place. This allows the OneNuts Media player to ship with the ability to access a number of add-ons with very little technical know-how while also not technically being a “fully loaded” box. What the wizard does is two-fold. First of all, when you click the kodi, and you will see the reminder message in kodi interface, you can click install or not install, depend on user situation. There is also a section under add-ons that allows users to add packages of add-ons specific to their country/region. The combination of options should make anyone looking for one of the fully loaded type Kodi boxes happy.

Not just KODI, Onenuts Android tv box also preload other apks. can run the APP:

1.Bang TV (Chinese IPTV)

2.Mobdro (Western IPTV)

3.Netflix (Movie and TV App)


5.Social Media Video App

6.FilmOn (IP TV App)

7.Google Play (App Store)

  also can give you more choice to download any apps you want to watch.

  In conclusion, if you're looking for live international tv streams from just above everywhere in the world you need to have a Onenuts. Stop paying costly monthly subscription for international live streams. Save money and start watching KODI International Live TV Streams from across the globe.