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Digital Signage Features

Digital Signage Features

Tomato Tomato 2014-10-13 10:25:31
Digital Signage Features:

1. A fool of program editing interface, operating personnel without special training, you can apply anytime arbitrary editing software release issued various text, icons, animations, video, audio and other digital information are integrated into a "digital signage" to ad form advertised.

2. easy maintenance. The system automatically play, no special management operation, even if the player terminal unexpected power outages, when re-power the system will automatically re-play, without human action.

3. a powerful multi-layer mixed function, support composite video, component video, HDTV high-definition video, and other mainstream formats, arbitrary windows, transparent overlay, stunt flip, mixing a variety of ways, such as scrolling text display.

4. using a variety of media representations (video, audio, images, animation), called narrowcasting systems.

5. a dynamic advertising, allowing the rapid changing in content.

6. similar to television advertising and advertising on the page, but it is targeted, in the form of flexible, on-demand content. So it can borrow various existing production tools (such as: web production, VCD production, FLASH production, etc.) mixed.

7. it is the network technology, new technologies and the integration of multimedia technology after the broadcast software component development and integration technology produced, is a user-oriented production techniques, that is, users can easily learn to make their own kinds of signs.

8. which is a rapidly developing technology, but is maturing, the structure will include technical, market and industry rapidly maturing.

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