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Google Assistant shines

Google Assistant shines

Tomato www.sztomato.com 2018-05-14 09:27:29

Google Assistant shines

Many people are afraid to call and hate WeChat voice. Seriously, even patiently wait until the ring is over, send another message in the past and pretend that he has not heard it. Everyone knows that the call is inevitable now.

As a result, a new feature was demonstrated at Google's annual developer conference. - Let AI call you, Google Duplex.

The following paragraph is a record of telephone recordings of Google Assistant and unsuspecting restaurant server:

“Reserve XX Restaurant on the 7th Wednesday, 4 people.”

Restaurant: Hello, what needs help?

Google Assistant: Hi, I want to reserve a table position, Wednesday, on the 7th.

Restaurant: 7 people?

Google Assistant: Well......... is 4 people.

Restaurant: 4 people... When? Nowadays? tonight?
Google Assistant: Next Wednesday, 6pm.

Restaurant: In this way... but we only provide reservations for more than 5 people. 4 people come directly.

Google Assistant: How long does it usually take?

Restaurant: What time do you want to come? tomorrow? weekend?

Google Assistant: Next Wednesday, No. 7.

Restaurant: Oh, that's okay, not busy. You just come directly.

Google Assistant: Well, I understand.

In another example, Google Assistant successfully booked a barber shop and smoothly selected the appropriate time. After a successful appointment, the user was notified in a short message that the appointment was successful. The specific time, content, and address were added to the calendar.

During the entire demonstration, both the barber shop and the restaurant's wiring staff were completely unaware that the phone was artificial intelligence instead of real people.

The most well-known standard for judging artificial intelligence is the Turing test: If the tester can't tell whether the opposite is a person or a machine if the AI is separated from the tester, then it passes. Although we can't rely solely on these two examples, we decided that Duplex, Google's telephone assistant, passed the Turing test, but from the point of view of the live demonstration, no matter whether it is tone, dialogue, or even logic, the nuances of the conversation are not different from real people. Two kinds. In addition, Google also demonstrated many other features at this conference. For example, "Artificial intelligence writes for you".

In simple terms, Gmail allows you to fill in the following words for you based on your recipients, email subject, and keywords. For example, you write to a friend and you want to have an afternoon tea. You play "for a long time," and it will fill in as "I haven't seen you for a long time." You play the "trick" appraisal, it will make up for "Trick or not about a afternoon tea into no, six?" Another example, automatic P map

It can handle 5 billion photos per day, automatically adjust the color temperature, brightness, and even automatically color.

The captured file can be automatically recognized and saved as a PDF.

It can be said that in the field of artificial intelligence, whether natural language understanding, deep learning, or image processing, text-to-speech conversion.

The strength demonstrated by the Google Developers Conference was surprising.

What do you hope AI can do for you in the future...?