> Why does the TV Box need Root? What are the risks of Root?
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Why does the TV Box need Root? What are the risks of Root?

Why does the TV Box need Root? What are the risks of Root?

Tomato Tomato 2017-08-15 10:50:50

For just the start of Android set-top box friends, will strange to the word "root" is familiar. Why are you familiar with it? Because of his high frequency of occurrence, when installing APP, he sometimes encounters software and needs access to root privileges. Then why is it strange? Because a lot of people don't know the real meaning of root.

So what is root? What benefits can we bring? Today the landlord for you to collect the common problems of root STB, is just the start of Android tv box sata friend eliminating confusion.

1. what is root?
Answer: root is the highest authority for set-top boxes. For security, the vendor defaults not to grant the user root privileges. But it also limits many advanced features in set-top box applications, including deleting set-top boxes, pre installed software, and so on.

2.What's the good of root?
A: some applications can use root to make a full range of set-top boxes, including deleting pre installed applications, managing application background, self starting software, speeding up, saving power, protecting privacy, data security and so on. Some open source applications (such as RE managers) require root; at the same time, root can also be used for brushing machines.


3.What are the risks of root?
Answer: some malicious software on the abuse of root will cause a great threat to the safety, the set-top box includes: set top box to implant the virus, malicious chargeback, background silent install application; malicious delete system files to the Android streaming box HDMI Input unlimited restart, which lead to boot; malicious stealing sensitive data to other applications (such as user password).

4. How do I remove root?
A: in order to prevent malicious applications from uninstalling, authorizing, managing, and infringing your Installing Kodi on Android TV Box with root, authorization management does not allow active uninstall or deletion.

Finally, we advise you, ROOT risk, brush machines need to be cautious!!