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Tomato Tomato 2014-12-06 16:50:21

OTT (OverTheTop) was originally a sports term, meaning "passing over the top", but is now also used ICT industry, OTT STB (video set-top box) refers not to rely on operators to build special cloth exclusive broadcast network, including satellite ground, cables, etc., but the use of the Internet to the general audience, and the cost of Internet access, bandwidth speed by the end consumer in charge of their own, due to bandwidth speed varies, therefore, through streaming, buffering and other technical reinforcement.

The United States is concerned, OTT ratings have begun to gradually replace the cable, cable retreat more and more tenants, but also more and more OTT viewing households, more importantly, OTT viewing is not just pie, but also the effect of making the cake the United States is a slight increase of the total number of households viewing, expressed in the past it was totally not watch TV, and now he began to look at OTT video. It is interesting, OTT viewing satellite TV but rarely replaced.

In addition to Box, Stick, there are a direct approach is to integrate within the OTT TV ratings in the efficacy of the circuit, to buy a home that does not require an external TV box, external bar, as long as the TV can be connected to the Internet, you can start viewing OTT.

OTT STB can separate the four-level, high regulation of Box can serve MicroConsole role in the regulation of the Box is still in the ratings, the demands of low-regulation of Stick cheap grab City, as well as built directly into the TV in the other after the first three equipment market (AfterMarket), and finally the pre (Preinstall) market.

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