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Origin and Application of Android TV Box

Origin and Application of Android TV Box

Tomato www.sztomato.com 2018-06-15 17:00:37
Origin and Application of Android tv box

Origin and Application of Android tv box is also called Android smart TV box or google tv box. It is a new product released by Google. It will carry the traditional TV box carrying the Android system launched by Google, and make the TV become a smart device by connecting with the Internet. Smart platforms like mobile phones and tablet PCs combine the Internet and TV as a new entertainment system. Users can install uninstalled software, games and other applications by themselves to achieve "unlimited content, unlimited applications" of this type of television. The programs watched by traditional TVs are all fixed, and cannot access the Internet. They can not control TV programs with their own preferences, and do not have content and applications that can be loaded.

Google TV box will show an explosive growth in China in 2013. A large number of Android tv box manufacturers have started to produce the Chinese version of the Google TV box. The Tacadia Internet TV set-top box is based on the Google TV box working principle.

Android TV BOX Solution

At present, smart TVs on the market are connected TVs led by hardware android tv box factory. They are connected to the network under the original product architecture. Each platform is incompatible, the networking functions are limited, and the content is also relatively small. Sharing resources has great limitations.

The smart TV box Android platform enters the connected TV field and will improve the shortcomings of the original connected TV mode. In particular, the app store model will attract different types of copyright holders to networked television services and encourage more consumers to purchase connected TVs.

Domestic show-based program Android TV Box manufacturers, for the android tv box specifically developed two solutions for home education and hotel applications, so that android tv box in daily life is more widely used, more practical. The function of the android tv box is raised to another level, and product differentiation is truly realized.

Hotel Application Solutions
The solutions and application functions for hotel development basically meet the needs of people in the hotel for computers and internet, such as network information acquisition, chat headaches, and video viewing.
The main function:
◆ One-click catering, merchandise and other call services
◆ Internal video on demand system
◆ Internal chat system
◆ Flexible definition of the system, cooperative businesses can be extended to other services such as booking

Home Education Solutions

The solutions and application functions developed for children's education in the family can be improved to better meet the needs of users. Their product features:
1, massive animation resources, entertaining, let the children enjoy the learning process in happiness;
2. Let the kids from all over the country join in and make friends and enjoy the fun of PK.
Mainly divided into the following sections:
◆ Zhiyong Daguan
◆ Encyclopedia
◆ Fable story
◆ Fun English
◆ Amusement park