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Outdoor Digital Signage Trends(2)

Outdoor Digital Signage Trends(2)

Tomato Tomato 2014-10-22 16:41:30

With the development of the digital age, many industry business users are on the digital outdoor advertising has a huge interest, but also growing on its comments, are hoping for outdoor digital advertising has become more competitive and make contributions. Thus, the digital outdoor advertising industry in the development process also presents a variety of trend.

The following is a summary of the five major trends of outdoor digital advertising:

1 more local input
   In order to make content more relevant digital advertising, digital signage deployments and vendors are trying to make more effective showcase of local content in order to attract the attention of more viewers.
  Typically, local news headlines, weather forecasts and other content bulletins and information will play an important role, how can these contents better wear insert advertising content to show them, this will be the key to meeting the needs of the target audience.
   Thus, the input window of a local digital display system has become embedded in a best attempt, in this case, the system manager in a timely manner and the related art will be able to display the content to be installed and updated to ensure that the content is more in line with the local input the audience's tastes.

The image is a "new language"
  Majority of the audience does not want to see on the screen full of dense text, image or video to the "story" would be a better choice. Advertising agencies need to face this reality, with the images will become increasingly important to communicate with the audience, and this will better meet the needs of consumers.

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