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Teach you how to choose the Smart Network TV Box! Never regret! 2

Teach you how to choose the Smart Network TV Box! Never regret! 2

Tomato www.sztomato.com 2017-07-26 10:04:16

Third, the output interface needs to choose: ordinary users take HDMI, depth players to complete

In the purchase of on the network interface selection should follow two principles: first, home TV interface is HDMI or AV interface to select three; second, rich degree according to personal need to choose the interface. 
Now the family is generally flat high-definition digital TV, for the average user of a HDMI interface can transmit high-definition video and audio, is simply "image voice" for the film have a fever level in addition to the HDMI interface, game player, optical fiber, coaxial is also necessary, and allow dual HDMI output (output video of a road audio output) can also be taken into account, need to consider the version of HDMI version 2, because of the high transmission bandwidth of HDMI 2 with 18Gbps, 4K@60Hz and 4K can be the perfect transmission HDR ultra high-definition Blu ray quality, simple in terms of "sound quality".

Fourth, Android version to select more than 6

In 2016 5.1 Android dominate the year, Android 6 emerged, with the release of the update to Android 6 in 2017 to become the mainstream, and the Android 7 began to force, so we should choose the Android version 6 in 2017. 
Android 6 system optimization for the depth of fluency, allows the application running in the background is no longer memory, either the system or application control operation, the speed is very smooth, and the Android version 7 from the bottom to enhance the system redundancy processing capacity, the utilization rate of memory can be increased by 100%, the software installation speed upgrade 75%, running speed increased by 600% to enhance the safety performance, but also the perfect support for HDR/WCG and 4K core.