> Review of the One Nuts 1 Octa Core Android TV Box from Shenzen Tomato
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Review of the One Nuts 1 Octa Core Android TV Box from Shenzen Tomato

Review of the One Nuts 1 Octa Core Android TV Box from Shenzen Tomato

2016-12-26 16:49:26

Review of the One Nuts 1 Octa Core Android TV Box from Shenzen Tomato

Hello everybody,

In this review i'm gonna present you the latest Android TV Box from Shenzen Tomato

It is the One Nuts 1 and let's get to it


In the.... Bag......?
The packaging of this TV Box is unique because it doesn't come in a box but in a small suitcase-like bag

I haven't seen this before and it's certainly a very nice addition to the overall package because you can use it for other purposes too

Opening the bag we get
  • The One Nuts 1 itself
  • The AC Adapter rated at 5V 2A
  • The HDMI Cable
  • An IR Remote Controller
  • A User's Manual
So all the basic components to get you started are here but i suggest you get a flymouse too
Looks & Ports
Remember when i told you in my previews review of the Sunvell T95U-Pro that it was perhaps the most beautiful TV Box you'll ever see? 
Well count the One Nuts 1 in too because this thing is STUNNING !!!!!!!!!!!!!
It has an aluminum construction with the top edge being chamfered and a very very beautiful irridescent blue colour

The feel on the hand is very nice and the device is very robust with very good build quality

On the top we see the OneNuts logo printed with silver letters


On the front we have the Status and Net LEDS as well as the IR receiver

Looking at the left side we see 2 USB 2.0 ports and the MicroSD card slot

The right side is plain

And on the back we have the remaining ports which are
  • An Optical SPDIF Audio Output
  • An AV Output
  • An HDMI Output
  • The Ethernet Port
  • The DC Input
We also have an external WiFi antenna giving us great and hassle-free wifi reception 

Heat is not a problem with this TV box because on the bottom there a lot of vents to keep the temperature in normal levels

Hardware & Specs
In the heart of the One Nuts 1 there is an Octa Core Amlogic S912 CPU running at 2.0 Ghz max providing more than enough power to run even the most intensive tasks and apps Android has to offer

Other specs include
  • A Mali-T820 MP3 GPU
  • 2 GB of DDR3 Ram
  • 16 GB of Internal Storage
  • Android 6.0.1
  • HDMI 2.0
The device also has a thermal sensor so that we can always keep track of our temps

Shenzen Tomato has equipped the device with the Mediabox Launcher which is consisted of tiles for all the and basic functions and apps like Kodi, File Explorer, Goole Play Store, Youtube, Netflix, Settings and Games
We also have a task killer and an app drawer and at the bottom we get a favourites bar for us to add the apps we use the most
The Games Tile is a long and fun story which i'll analyze later in depth

If we go into the settings which have a very user friendly UI we see that the device is running Android 6.0.1 and the native resolution goes up to 4k


Also some cool wallpapers are preinstalled and if we press on the "more settings" option we go to the stock android settings

Tomato have equipped the One Nuts 1 with Youtube for TVs giving you a much better user experience in comparison with the ordinary youtube app

Surfing the web using the stock browser is a breeze and just like Sunvell T95U-Pro Showbox is already preinstalled for you to watch your favourite movies and tv series with the press of a button

To show you the device's performance i ran the usual benchmarks and got these results


The scores i got where better than the ones Sunvell T95U-Pro which has the same CPU gave me so i think that given that both of them have exactly the same specs, the One Nuts 1 has a little bit better hardware and software optimization

Wifi Reception
Due to the external antenna, the One Nuts 1 is giving us excellent WiFi reception without disconnections and slowdowns


Kodi & Video Playback
I ran the usual Antutu Video Tester to see if there was any difference with the Sunvell but the results where exactly the same

From the 30 video formats this app is testing, 27 where fully supported and 3 were partially supported by Android giving us choppy playback


Kodi runs perfectly smooth and the videos i tested gave me no problems at all except from one 4k 60 fps .mp4 which had a lot of frameskipping

H.265 videos were able to play through kodi just fine which is very good and only devices with the Amlogic S912 are able to do that for now

Other Android TV Boxes with different cpus can playback H.265 videos too but not through kodi

When it comes to gaming this is where this device shines

Shenzen Tomato has equipped the One Nuts 1 with a gaming platform never seen before on an Android TV Box and is is just AMAZING!!!!!!!!


The effort they have put to make this platform is unique and i have to congratulate them for that

So opening the Games tile we see some featured games and at the bottom we tabs for game categories


Let me explain how it works

Tomato has preinstalled emulators on the One Nuts 1 and when you download a game it recognizes which emulator to open to run it

In order to download a game you press Search Game and the platform automatically searches download locations for the current game through sites with roms such as emuparadise etc


All this is created and designed excellently and you will be thrilled by how many titles you can find and play

There are games for PSP, SNES, NES, Mega Drive including great ones like Monster Hunter, Kingdom Hearts, Tomb Raider and many more


In the settings of the KO Gamebox we have a Game Manager where we see our Downloaded Games, a Gamepad Configurator, Storage Management and Update Utility

Of course you can download and play more games for PSP or other platforms if you can't find them in the available ones as well as Android games from the Google Play Store

And the best part is that you can play all those game using an external USB Gamepad


I have to say that i am very impressed not oly by this TV Box but from the amount work the have put in it too

The launcher looks great, the KO Gamebox is incredibly awesome and polished, Kodi runs perfectly fine, it has no heat issues, it is very beautiful with great build quality and excellent WiFi reception

I mean... what more do you need from an Android TV Box

I definitely recommend it and i think that i'll keep using it as my daily driver

  • Great build quality
  • Looks
  • Very Good Performance
  • Excellent WiFi reception
  • No heat issues
  • Great video playback
  • Amazing gaming experience
  • Size
  • HDMI 2.0
  • HDR Display
  • HDMI Framerate Adaptation
  • Dual Band WiFi
  • Carrying Bag

  • Price
  • Could have more than 2 USB 2.0 slots
  • Little bit hard to get
For more info visit the Official Shenzen Tomato Product Page

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