> Samsung Released a Small Size Touch Screen Digital Signage
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Samsung Released a Small Size Touch Screen Digital Signage

Samsung Released a Small Size Touch Screen Digital Signage

Tomato Tomato 2014-11-06 15:20:16

In order to further expand the product line of intelligent digital signage displays, Samsung Electronics America, Inc. today announced a series of small-size digital signage solutions, retailers and other businesses to meet the growing alternative to printed posters and increased interactivity needs.

The new small-size digital signage solutions include:

DB22D-P, 21.5-inch full HD commercial display, meet the 16 hours of business needs. Size equivalent to the newspaper, you can replace the use of retail, public spaces or small business environment static poster.

DB22D-T, adding a touch of interactive applications. With up to 10 simultaneous touch capabilities, enhanced customer interaction is an ideal choice and convenience, allowing guests by clicking, sliding and rolling access to information.

DB10D, 10.1 inch commercial displays, ideal for conference room areas or retail shelf advertising or silver plate.

The new small-size digital signage displays with a new generation of Samsung smart signage platform, without an external media player, which simplifies installation and operation, and reduce overall costs. Its built-in Wi-Fi, can wirelessly transfer content, which means simply drive the display of only the power supply wiring. Monitor is also equipped with Samsung's MagicInfo software to facilitate the management and organization of content. All products are equipped with HDMI, USB and D-Sub (analog) interface, RS232C external control, support for 16/7 operation.

Currently, 22 inches models have been listed and 10-inch models later this year.

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