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"TV Stick" crack version Trojans 360 interception killing

"TV Stick" crack version Trojans 360 interception killing

Tomato Tomato 2018-01-05 16:49:40
Recently a large number of camouflage video player online Trojan virus, one of the "TV Stick" cracked version of the software is particularly active. According to security experts suggest that Internet users download and run such software should pay attention to open 360 security guards and other security software, you can intercept the killing of such Trojans.

According to reports, the product called "TV Stick"(best android tv stick) recently advertised online, claiming that you can watch more than 6,000 television stations worldwide. At the same time, the "cracker" free crack version of the software also attracted many Internet users click to download, and almost all such software bundled Trojan virus.

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"TV stick" Trojan is characterized by poor download stations, chat groups to share files and other means of communication, if Internet users download and run the relevant documents, Trojan horses should be removed in accordance with the security alarm software. Through "360 isolated sandbox" and other security tools can be found, "TV stick" software running at the same time, although able to play video, Trojans will also be seized the opportunity to be implanted in the computer, steal the victim's important account and data.

Security experts suggest that Internet users choose to download the regular website software, if Internet users have used the "TV Stick"(android tv stick quad core hdmi input) cracked version and other bad software should be immediately downloaded 360 and other security software scan killing, so as to avoid the computer was hackers secretly control.