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The most powerful TV box in history!

The most powerful TV box in history!

Tomato www.sztomato.com 2017-05-17 15:14:39

What is a TV box?

TV box is a small computing terminal equipment, as long as the simple through HDMI or color line technology and other traditional TV connection, you can in the traditional TV to achieve web browsing, network video playback, application installation, and even your phone.
The photos and videos in the tablet are projected onto the big screen TV at home. Prior to the Internet field known as the network high-definition player, after the SARFT was defined as the Internet TV set-top box. Cloud platform, massive content, user fees, accurate advertising, which has constituted a clear picture of the TV box profit model. 
Have a TV box, as long as you have a network, you can see high-definition network blockbuster, watching TV live. Allowed to play the content of the contents of the license side to provide the contents of the second set-top box manufacturers have their own copyright content.
Of course, it will be higher on the network transmission requirements, in the case of bad network, may affect the transmission speed, that is, the legendary Caton. The cable TV set-top box is the most popular one of the traditional family, although the TV channel has increased, but there will be such as poor picture effect, poor signal to receive the shortcomings.