> Three strokes teach you how to buy genuine Android TV Stick?
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Three strokes teach you how to buy genuine Android TV Stick?

Three strokes teach you how to buy genuine Android TV Stick?

Tomato www.sztomato.com 2018-01-11 16:19:19

In order to help consumers to buy high-quality genuine Android TV stick, quad core android stick supplier to remind consumers when buying the TV stick, carefully screened from three aspects, to prevent the purchase of inferior products or "cottage" goods .

First, compare the technical aspects. Genuine android hdmi stick is based on IPTV technology research and development of applications. IPTV technology, also known as internet interactive network television technology, is a brand new technology that uses broadband cable television network and various technologies such as Internet, multimedia and communications to provide home users with a variety of interactive services including digital television technology. Genuine Android TV sticks generally have more screen interaction, naked eye 3D and efficient video compression, transmission and other newer technologies, the speed of 500K or more can enjoy the high-definition effect. The inferior products and "cottage" goods is only a simple network television stations, video site integration, and their customer service staff are not even IPTV technical concepts are unknown.

Second, to compare the promotional effect. The promotion of authentic best android hdmi stick strictly abides by the functions and features of the relevant laws and regulations of the state advertising and the realistic response products. Fake products and "cottage" goods are one-sided emphasis on certain specific products, cynical curiosity to meet the vulgar catching the eye, or through the network wantonly put coarse and poor rubbish post confusing audio-visual, so that some consumers do not have the good feeling of the TV stick, These malicious propagandists become "evil member of the herd" of the entire industry.

Third, compare the service content. In the viewing content, the authentic Android TV stick channel more than 6,000, radio station more than 20,000, and inferior products and "cottage" goods simply can not do; stability, the brand manufacturers in order to ensure the viewing effect, often at the expense of flowers A lot of money to set up at least two servers, some even more. In order to ensure that any one server to stop due to failure, the system can automatically switch to other servers, to ensure the effect of never-ending; in terms of fees, genuine Android TV stick is a one-time purchase, there is no follow-up costs, and the basic Is life-long use, no additional charge. The inferior products and "cottage" goods although the publicity will never be extra charges, but the user actually use a month or three months will see the charges tips.