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What is firmware?

What is firmware?

Tomato Tomato 2017-04-01 16:17:53

What is Firmware?

Firmware, many people do not know what is that,but anybody is not far away from it. Firmware is a software embedded in a hardware device. Usually it is located in a special application integrated circuit (ASIC) or programmable logic device (PLD) among the flash memory or EEPROM or PROM, some firmware can let the user update.
Firmware can be used in a very wide range of electronic products, from the remote control, calculator to the computer keyboard, hard disk, and even industrial robots.
As the name implies, the firmware is located between the software and the hardware. Like software, It is a computer running program.
For Example:
The BIOS BIOS on the Baby AT motherboard
BIOS and UEFI in personal computers
SPARC architecture Sun Micro systems and Open PC ware used in Power PC Apple computers
The computer program in the read-only memory (the hardware settings are usually represented by software)
In PROM, these programs can only be changed by special external hardware, and can not be updated by application

How many standard of firmware?
1.Federal Standard 1037C (Federal Standard 1037C)
2.MIL-STD-188 (MIL-STD-188)
3.Extensible firmware interface

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