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What is significance of Bluetooth in our life

  • Author:Tomato
  • Source:Tomato
  • Release on :2017-03-13
What is significance of Bluetooth in our life

Bluetooth is a wireless technology standard that allows fixed and mobile devices to exchange data between short distances to form a personal local area network (PAN). It uses shortwave (UHF) radio waves to communicate via the ISM band of 2.4 to 2.485 GHz. In 1994 by the telecommunications business Ericsson to develop this technology . It was originally designed to create an alternative version of wireless communication for creating an RS-232 data line. It can link multiple devices to overcome the synchronization problem.
Mobile phones and hands-free wireless communication between devices, which is the first popular application.
A distance between computers within the wireless network.
Computer and peripheral wireless connection, such as: mouse, headset, printer and so on.
Bluetooth file transfer between devices.
Traditional wireless equipment such as: medical equipment, GPS, bar code scanner, traffic control equipment, Bluetooth wireless microphone transceiver: with the transmitter and receiver, the sender provides 3-pin XLR connector can be connected to the microphone to send the signal to receive Side to provide 3.5mm connector / 6.3mm connector, can be directly inserted in the speaker or expansion machine, the use of Bluetooth transmission between each other. [5]
Several Ethernet bridges between the wireless.
7 generations of home game console, including PS3, PSP Go, Nintendo Wii.
Rely on Bluetooth support, so that the PC or PDA through the phone's modem to achieve dial-up Internet access.
Real-time positioning system (RTLS), the application of "node" or "tag" embedded in the tracked items in the reader from the label to receive and process the wireless signal to determine the location of items
Bluetooth is important to our life,make our life become convenience,so many electronic product installs Bluetooth hardware in order to increase sale and customers are easy to use.
Our Android TV is also use Bluetooth technology.Bluetooth 4.0 version is enough for customer using.
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