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Which is strong in 4K HD? Mainstream chip comparison: second understand

Which is strong in 4K HD? Mainstream chip comparison: second understand

Tomato Tomato 2018-07-31 11:20:56

      Which is strong in 4K HD? Mainstream chip comparison: second understand

With the rapid development of the Internet in recent years, the new ultra-high-definition Blu-ray standard began to break out in 2016. Compared with Blu-ray, it has the innate advantage of nurturing the market. Ultra-high-definition display devices, including TVs and projectors, are pushed at almost the same time. To the market, the rapid development of the Internet also opens up the territory for ultra-high-definition streaming video content, and the rest is the decoding core of the ultra-high-definition player and the introduction of the finished product to the market.

Now the new 4K set-top box or hard disk player, without exception, is equipped with ultra-high-definition Blu-ray processor, which can decode ultra-high-definition Blu-ray video files through hardware, resulting in a smoother decoding and output experience. There are many senior enthusiasts who may think that "soft solution quality is better than hard solution", which is correct in the hardware is not mature, but with the development of hardware technology, advanced hardware decoding can handle image operations The depth is not worse than the software, even better than the software decoding, and does not occupy the system resources, resulting in superior performance of decoding strong picture quality.

The ultra-high definition Blu-ray standard has five aspects, including 4K resolution, 10Bit-12Bit high color depth, HDR high dynamics, 60P high frame number, BT.2020 high color space, thus bringing more dynamic picture and color space. More rich picture detail. So what are the decoder chips that support the Ultra HD Blu-ray standard in the market? Who is the main ups and downs?

Which is strong in 4K HD? Mainstream chip comparison: second understand

The ultra-high-definition Blu-ray standard has been widely developed in 2016 and has been widely developed. In 2017, many camps have been formed, and many product lines have been formed for market selection. Diversified products promote healthy competition in the market, so it is now Hundreds of flowers in the ultra-high-definition Blu-ray audio and video market.

At present, the mainstream ultra-high definition decoding chip currently on the market is represented by HiSili Hi3798CV200, American Crystal Morning S912 and Realtek RTD1295, which carries the general trend of ultra-high-definition Blu-ray in the market. Let us explain each chip in detail.

1 Haisi Hi3798CV200

Haisi Hi3798CV200 decoder chip is a super high-definition blue-light decoding chip jointly launched by Dolby Laboratories and HiSilicon in 2016. It is based on 64-bit ARM Cortex A53 architecture and has an operating speed of 15000DMIPS. It has strong stability and GPU configuration Mali-T720. OpenGL ES3.1/2.0/1.1/1.0 OpenVG1.1, EGL technology and ImprexTM2.0 image quality engine, built-in hardware decoder HiVXE2.0 video engine, support 2160p60 HEVC and VP9 decoding, 1080p PIP and transcoding capabilities, flexible Video sharing and playback service, because HiVXE2.0 decoding engine uses 2 times the decoding pipeline unit, high-definition dynamic picture smooth playback without pressure.

Which is strong in 4K HD? Mainstream chip comparison: second understand

HiShip Hi3798CV200 is the industry's first set-top box chip solution with integrated Dolby Vision HDR technology for DVB digital video broadcasting and IP TV. It provides a first-class immersive video quality experience, equipped with a new generation of security engine and supports TrustZone-centric security. Video path technology and hardware-based video watermarking technology fully meet the requirements of the latest MovieLabs for ultra-high-quality content transmission.

In terms of image quality optimization, the ImprexTM 2.0 image quality engine allows intelligent comparison of image information for dynamic contrast, sharpness, noise reduction, digital noise reduction, motion compensation, etc., to repair the loss of detail that may occur during signal compression transmission. And according to the light and dark information in the image, the backlight brightness of each area is automatically adjusted, and combined with the dynamic image processing technology, the bright part is more brilliant and colorful, the dark part is more rich and deep, and the image output mode can be adjusted according to requirements. Such as standard, vivid, film, motion, customization, etc., to optimize and enhance the image quality, resulting in more realistic and vivid visual shock.

The main representative of the integrated Haisi Hi3798CV200 solution is the four generations of Haimei's flagship products Q10 and Q5. The former is a built-in hard disk and the latter is a SATA extended hard disk. Both inherit the many advantages of Q10 series and Q5 series, and also have many advantages. A group of loyal fans.

2 AML S912

The Amlogic S912 processor, which has gained widespread attention in mass production, integrates a 64-bit 8-core ARM Cortex A53 architecture with a maximum frequency of 1.5 GHz, enabling lower power consumption and energy efficiency while delivering high performance. Very high, the GPU is an ARM Mali-T820MP3 GPU, 750MHz, suitable for handling complex user interfaces and images.

The S912 is equipped with an AVE-10 video processing engine to accelerate video encoding. The powerful video engine supports 4K2K 60-frame video decoding in both HEVC and VP9 formats, providing a visual experience without screen flash. AVE-10 also supports Trusted. Video Path (TVP) and video watermarking technology, support Dolby Vision, HDR10 multiple HDR formats, so it is also suitable for a variety of high-A 4K DRM scenes, the output is compatible with HDMI2.0a and CVBS. As a next-generation processor, the Amlogic S912 is positioned in the high-end 4K OTT box and game box field, destined to bring extraordinary audio and video entertainment experience.

Which is strong in 4K HD? Mainstream chip comparison: second understand

The integrated crystal morning S912 program has a good reputation in the market. There are Haimeidi H7 4th generation and Tmall Magic Box M16S. Both of them inherit their own fans and benefit from the stability and power consumption of Jingchen chip. The advantage of the product, once listed, has caused a lot of repercussions.

3 Realtek RTD1295

Realtek RTD1295 appeared a bit "silent" when it was launched. There was not much news in the market. It has caused a lot of resounding until the launch of the player products. The hardware rules are powerful. Everything is available. The quad-core Cortex-A53 64bit processor integrates the T820 MP3. GPU unit, but its biggest advantage is the diversity of function play, support 4K60P, HDR10BIT, HDMI2.0, OPENWRT/NAS, ANDROID6.0, even HDMI 2.0 IN, the player product has not appeared yet, once on the network Thinking that the chip will move toward routing and NAS, the emergence of smart players, integrated routing, NAS, HDMI recording capabilities, allowing players to truly enter the intelligent horizon.

Which is strong in 4K HD? Mainstream chip comparison: second understandWhich is strong in 4K HD? Mainstream chip comparison: second understand

The industry's first player with HDMI IN function, this product has more highlights, support for native Blu-ray navigation, poster wall, online subtitle mounting, subtitle font customization, OPENWRT/NAS, etc., in addition to Blu-ray playback In addition, there is a powerful intelligent experience

Having said that, in fact, in addition to decoding, good image quality also needs to be presented on the TV screen, which means that you have to purchase a high-quality HDR TV to present rich information on the content side. A wave of replacement tides will shift the stock market to the incremental market. High-end products will lead to a new round of consumption upgrade. Product diversification will play a role in fueling the iterations of chips and products, bringing changes to the industry. "The power of the world.

As for the many ultra-high-definition Blu-ray decoder chips currently on the market, the picture quality is good and the system optimization, the individual has a relationship with the picture quality, then the benevolent sees the wise and sees the wisdom.