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10 ways of playing video boxes 2

10 ways of playing video boxes 2

tomato sztomato.com 2017-09-25 18:26:43
5, local video playback
This is an additional function of the Android Smart TV Box, because the box itself is not much memory, and no mouse button operation, so play local video directly through the USB interface plug U disk or link computer.

6, play the game
Despite the increasing progress of Android's console games, it is still hard to play games via Best Android TV Box HDMI, mainly limited by manipulation modes.

At present, most Android games are touch-screen control, box control side of the remote control simply can not meet. Some players have to use the handle to experience, but most joint ventures without button mapping function, so the handle will encounter incompatibilities.

In addition, Android game size is generally larger, box memory is difficult to support, so the big screen game is still a lot of business as a breakthrough. But this does not mean that the box can not play games, and some games that can be manipulated by the box remote control can also make you happy. Somatosensory and handle games can also make some gamers experience something special.
7, Cara, OK
For Cara, OK, this group activity, by reason, will not survive in the home, the early DVD player has this function, but also a flash in the pan, is a good example.

But with the progress of the times, a lot of enthusiasts like to experience at home, even when friends come to an atmosphere when the plot, then the smart android tv box can actually do it.

8 、 Internet and other applications
Since the box can access the Internet and watch movies, can I chat online and watch the web?
In fact, this is entirely possible, hang QQ, WeChat chat no problem, but from the statistical data of the parties, how many people do not use the box to do these things, because most people will not use the remote control button when used in the Internet browser as an example, the existing version of UC browser, Maxthon TV the TV Version, face browser client is still the main web video playback.

9, about ROOT
Crack ROOT permissions is a lot of Android box users proud of things, but also a lot of white users daunting. In fact, whether to open ROOT permissions does not affect actual use. Most users don't have to worry about it. After the actual ROOT, only part of the situation will be used, such as modifying the underlying settings of the system or streamlining the system. I personally feel that the box system is generally more streamlined, do not recommend ROOT, and then delete procedures at random, so as not to lead to failure to boot.

10, box office
80% of people think that boxes are only family users, but times are changing. Geeks take boxes into the office. What does that mean?

For example, in the traditional needs of many demos at the meeting, A finished, that is, B, B finished, is C, or holding a notebook, or with U disk, in fact, very inconvenient. Now as long as the box similar to AirPC third party software box instantly become a screen sharing station, ABC no longer need to take turns up, the direct use of mobile phone, PC or flat screen projection to projection TV, wireless, PC, mobile phone or tablet on a screen at the same time, realize multi cast, meeting the presentation efficiency is obviously higher!