> Is the TV box even more expensive than the fridge? Tomato teach you to use the most electricity
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Is the TV box even more expensive than the fridge? Tomato teach you to use the most electricity

Is the TV box even more expensive than the fridge? Tomato teach you to use the most electricity

Tomato www.sztomato.com 2017-07-13 10:09:17

When using electrical appliances at home, many people are not accustomed to cutting off the power supply of some appliances, but choosing "standby mode". However, many people do not know, "standby mode" appliances are also in power consumption.After many experiments, the standby power of the is more than 10 times as much as that of other appliances! Experts advise, try to choose a switch socket in the home, so do not use electrical appliances, can switch off the socket, or directly to switch off the appliance mechanical switch, so that you can give us some electricity.

In daily life, when we use electrical appliances at home, press the standby button of the remote control, and the electrical appliances enter the state of waiting for the switch on, that is, the standby mode. Some appliances, although there is no standby button, but if you do not cut off the power supply, it is also equivalent to standby.

Many appliances, Smart TV Box  is a very ordinary small appliances, although we all know, will cut off the power supply electric power, it is the most power standby set-top box, this is hard to believe that a lot of friends.

As a result, a reporter has done a special experiment, to prove to everyone that a small set-top box than the air-conditioning standby power consumption is even greater.

First of all, the air conditioners, microwaves and TV sets are considered to be the most power hungry. The power of the air conditioner under standby power consumption is about 1.1 watts, and the rated air power is 2600 Watts at the time of refrigeration.
The power is 1.11 Watts at standby time. In addition, the microwave oven standby power is 0.32 watts, working for 1400 watt microwave oven, standby power consumption of 0.32 watts. Compared with air conditioning, its standby power consumption is low. Also rated as suspected TV, standby power at about 0.2 watts.
The power of set-top box in the normal working condition at 15.4 watts, after testing the power of in the standby time of about 15.2 watts, almost the same as the power at work, and much higher than before some appliance standby power consumption.

The reason for the power consumption of set-top boxes is that they just turn off the screen and don't show it, but it also has some functions to keep. Some remote controls wake up its function, and it needs power consumption at this time. Also, electrical appliances have some indication of lights, but also power consumption. If the electrical design does not consider standby power consumption, then it will use the standby power consumption will be larger, which is related to the design concept of electrical equipment.

Here I want to remind you, must have the awareness of saving electricity, when selecting the socket with switch socket, try to choose, do not use electrical appliances when they turn off the switch socket, all the appliances will not work. Don't underestimate the power of a little waste, after all Many a little make a mickle.