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Is the TV box worth buying? Of course!

Is the TV box worth buying? Of course!

Tomato www.sztomato.com 2017-07-11 09:52:37

Smart TV is now a comprehensive rise, but in the past few years booming TV box market is constantly shrinking, with the impact of smart TV, many people think that the  is about to die out. In fact, the actual situation is not the case, the TV box is still worth buying! So why is the TV box worth buying? Because it is still the most economical smart TV upgrade program.

One: the most economic smart TV upgrade program
For older TV users, the most affordable option to upgrade to smart TV is still the TV box, not the smart tv. After all, in the face of a longer life of ordinary television products, buy a TV box for intelligent upgrade, only a few hundred dollars can be completed. But if you replace it with smart TV, you can't do it without thousands of dollars. And direct replacement of television, it will shape unnecessary waste of old TV service life.
Two: the first smart TV upgrade
In fact, in addition to ordinary TV relies on TV box upgrade, the original smart TV is also facing the problem of intelligent hardware upgrades. Because intelligent hardware products of the first smart TV program is not complete, and the performance is not hard, at present may encounter problems when using carlton. TV box can be used as an upgrade program for smart TV intelligent hardware. The reason is equivalent to the intelligent upgrade of ordinary tv.
Three: complementary to the content of television
Although the foreign brand TV has also introduced smart TV, but because of its international concept, there are many discrepancies with the actual national conditions. Well, it's good TV, but in terms of content or mode of operation it's hard to get the majority of users in the country. As a result, users of such television products also need content support from TV boxes.

Based on the above three point of view, the current TV box is still worth buying. And the TV box will not die out.