> It's not too late to know the true life of the TV Box! 2
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It's not too late to know the true life of the TV Box! 2

It's not too late to know the true life of the TV Box! 2

Tomato www.sztomato.com 2017-08-01 11:58:41

3, do not unplug the power
Press the remote control switch, the power indicator light turns off the Android Smart TV Box, but did not completely shut down, but to enter the standby state -- "false shutdown" (Bluetooth and other components are still in normal operation, flash memory is not released); increase the power consumption that will accelerate the aging of components.

4, do not release system memory
The Android system is adopted by almost all the domestic, the system must determine the system redundancy (file system will clean up the garbage) as maintenance habits, if not cleaned for a long time, the system will become more and more aggravated the burden of the processor card.
In addition to all the damage factors listed above, there is an important reason for the short service life of TV boxes - the frequent replacement of hardware and software: the mainstream configuration of the previous few years has been embarrassing. For users, TV Box android  if not run smoothly after the upgrade of the system and software, even if the hardware is still intact, can only be abandoned, so we not only pay attention to the correct use, buy some of the performance slightly in the TV box does not lose to the wise choice.

When you don't use a box, remember to power it off. The box is small, but the power consumption is pretty amazing!