> Tell me what functions are behind the TV interface? 2
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Tell me what functions are behind the TV interface? 2

Tell me what functions are behind the TV interface? 2

Tomato www.sztomato.com 2017-08-03 11:40:57

Two, USB interface
USB interface is also the most commonly used interface, ordinary mobile phone charging or use U disk, download things will be used. USB interface called Universal Serial Bus, Chinese translation as universal serial bus, in the CRT era of television, there is no USB interface. Later into the era of LCD TV, USB interface began to emerge. In the early days of many non smart TVs, we were able to find the USB2.0 interface.

USB2.0 interface as input interface, USB disk, mobile hard disk or card reader device allows users to connect the hands, to read the audio and video files directly, in support of the file format, but also more widely. You can also install the third party software on the smart TV or Android Smart TV Box through the USB interface, such as installing a sofa housekeeper, you can watch the live broadcast more easily and watch the movie on demand.
Now many TV manufacturers in their own 4K TV, adding a new USB3.0 interface. USB3.0 interface can achieve the transmission speed of 5-10Gbps, completely shake off the USB2.0 interface several blocks, the maximum speed can reach 640MB/s, enough to meet the needs of transmitting 4K Ultra HD, see 4K large film is more fluent.
Three: memory card function
Smart TV to achieve a variety of functions, but also inseparable from the support of various APP, you can watch a lot of live tv. But smart TV has only a small amount of built-in storage space, and there is not much space available for users. How to expand the storage space of smart TV is also a question that we all care about.

Having joined the memory card interface is a good solution to this problem. At present, many smart TV equipped with SD card expansion interface, under normal circumstances, the mainstream 16GB, 32GB memory card can be fully compatible, the largest can support 128GB or even 256GB SD card. 
But there are some vendors support Micro SD card interface, TF card is we often say, the best advantage is to facilitate the users directly to the mobile phone card into the smart TV in resource sharing. Convenience has also been greatly improved.