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Fate Community - TV Box and Internet

Fate Community - TV Box and Internet

Tomato Tomato 2017-05-23 11:31:58
The Internet has brought extraordinary opportunities to the world. Man has experienced the agricultural society, industrial society, is currently moving into the information society.

Information as a material, energy and another important strategic resources, its effective development and full use, has become an important driving force for social and economic development and economic development of important production factors, it is changing people's production methods, Work style, lifestyle and learning style.

First of all, the network shortens the distance between time and space, greatly accelerating the transmission of information. So that the various resources of society to be shared.

Second, the network creates more opportunities, can effectively improve the efficiency of traditional industries, effectively stimulate consumer demand, thereby promoting economic growth. Promote productivity.

Third, the network for all levels of cultural exchanges provide a good platform.

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The most important thing is, because of the Internet, the TV box should also be born. Because of the Internet, the TV box can play its infinite potential for the convenience of life and create a better life. Internet and TV box complement each other, help each other, like a fate community.