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Why buy a TV box?

Why buy a TV box?

Tomato www.sztomato.com 2017-06-07 10:17:47

First, the surgery industry specializing in. Do not think that the PC host in terms of performance on a comprehensive beyond the Full hd android tv box, in the video to play this one, the TV box chip to be more powerful; compared to computers, TV box is more like "partial students", the hardware part is largely Specifically for video playback, video game service, only a good living room entertainment this one thing. System, the software level is even more so, try a 4K screen connected to the PC host, in the desktop to find the mouse pointer to be a small half, still open a variety of sites to play or download. In the box, move the remote control under the two to find a good look at the film, the source is also very rich.

Again, what about the cost? Not to mention the computer, the difference between the box how much (a little better graphics card than the best box is much more expensive), the same is to see the film, both energy consumption is quite different, the new Android TV Box with Android 6.0 power consumption in general No more than 10 watts, the host of energy consumption minutes is the TV box to a dozen to several times.

Finally, the map is convenient! Computer + TV, think about trouble. First, the computer should be placed next to the monitor It is too ugly; that far away, with long-term transmission, then have to worry about the problem of signal attenuation (especially playing high bit rate video in particular need to consider). By comparison, the Android TV BOXES wholesale china is a more convenient solution.