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Want to choose a TV Box for the elderly, how to choose?

Want to choose a TV Box for the elderly, how to choose?

Tomato www.sztomato.com 2017-06-07 10:44:12

Elderly Android TV Box wholesales china is easier to choose than young people, young people's needs vary widely, and the elderly is: simple and easy to use! First, choose the desktop operation logic is relatively simple. Open the 4K Mi TV box wholesales, the desktop is the first picture encountered by the elderly. Complex structure and fancy effect is not what they need, so choose a one-dimensional interface is very important, what is a one-dimensional interface? Remote control up and down around to determine a few keys to complete the operation.

This is certainly not enough, the elderly commonly used App, put in front to be better?
No problem, the App App are all discharged to the front of the desktop.
Of course, if there is a simple model that is better.
This word will not be clear.
Of course, this is not enough

"Old people want to see TV on"
Then add a boot from the start. Help the old people to use that video App is set to "boot", which open the smart android tv box do not have to enter the desktop operation, and directly jump into the video application.

"Too much content"
We are all on the program, open the rotation channel will be able to see.
This is not enough, the elderly is to chase the drama. What will the search do not use?

It's time to come up with "voice input"!
Want to see anything, talk directly to the remote control.