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Generation - from TV to TV box

Generation - from TV to TV box

Tomato www.sztomato.com 2017-06-08 10:10:51

In the eyes of many foreigners, the Chinese people accept the new things high, has let them catch up. Filled with bicycles, from the store to the street stalls are furnished to pay two-dimensional code, there are a variety of new Internet products are blossoming in China ... However, why television after decades, or Chinese families indispensable Of a member.

First of all, television is of great significance to many Chinese people. Speaking of television for the status of the Chinese people, it goes back to the 80s of last century, the reform and opening up so that people live in the spring, but also to television and washing machines, refrigerators and become a new three pieces. Set up three pieces, which means that your life has been to the peak, think of all feel excited.


TV as a result of the Chinese people will buy a single product, accompanied by the popularity of television, the Chinese people for the first time to enjoy the TV program this rare form of entertainment. Also from this period, television quickly became the core of Chinese families. With the TV, life is no longer survival and fulfillment, there is joy and enjoyment ... and then witnessed the TV from there to no, happiness from bitter to sweet children, it is now married, buy TV In the new living room, for them is a natural choice.


In addition, the TV still has its value. TV, still in the family is still the best viewing carrier. After all, mobile phones, flat too small, too expensive projection. Moreover, with many home appliances, television is also experiencing change and innovation. For example, the smart android tv box, intelligent system to improve the way we watch TV, Internet content can also be easily seen on the TV, convenient, such as mobile phones in general, while experience better.