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Another Evolution of E-Commerce-Smart TV

Another Evolution of E-Commerce-Smart TV

Tomato Tomato 2017-03-24 19:00:35

The rapid growth and development of mobile technologies has enriched the notion of e-commerce and expanded the 'place' of purchase and revenue streams for merchants. Consumers can now shop and pay not just in a store, and also in the home, work, on the bus, and also on the hoof. The HD 1080p tv box and m-commerce have because manner blurred the limits between your on- and offline worlds.

Time has become an exceptionally valuable commodity, and a substantial degree defines the choice of products, services and retailers. Convenience is another significant factor for consumers. Professionals state that TV commerce (or t-commerce) is an position for the newest smarter shopping as well as a path for merchants to have interaction with consumers in new ways.
Connected TVs or smart TVs, which have functions for example web connection and streaming, are becoming standard among TV brands. In accordance with some industry sources, the penetration rate of connected TVs was 20% this year, and can increase approximately 50% in 2013. In addition to that, such platforms as Google TV, Apple TV, and Roku for viewing video at will (VOD) increasingly becoming ever more popular. Television is therefore entering a wholly new era, bringing more opportunities to promote, marketing, revenue generation, and viewer participation.