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Which are the key features of t-commerce?

Which are the key features of t-commerce?

Tomato Tomato 2017-03-24 19:12:49

Making purchases. T-commerce solutions allow TV-viewers to reply straight away to offers delivered about the screens of these TVs, and instantly purchase products by using their existing controllers and set-top boxes.


Get information. T-commerce apps enable TV viewers to request more information on products, services or events completely from the content they're watching for the television with some simple selects the remote control. 

Voting and polling. T-commerce solutions provide additional opportunities for that viewer to have interaction with programs, advertisers, and networks. Thus, viewers can vote on their favorite shows, programs, news reports, game shows, sports entertainment, etc.

The immediate response. The moment feedback from the viewer means immediate response for your merchant. Businesses gain thereby valuable customer data for even more research and targeted marketing.
The paradigm of t-commerce has the potential to change TV sets in a powerful business tool enabling merchants to do business over television. T-commerce enables us to reach new and existing customers through increasingly popular Internet-connected TVs and Android TV Box. The complete shopping can be executed without a penny greater series of follows the remote control. Consumers usually respond very positively to businesses that take the time to understand their needs and give things to search for.