> Attention! Secret four secrets of low price TV Box! 2
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Attention! Secret four secrets of low price TV Box! 2

Attention! Secret four secrets of low price TV Box! 2

Tomato www.sztomato.com 2017-10-30 19:24:17

TV box products, once very popular with consumers, seem to have been on the decline in recent years.  

Especially some low price, low quality manufacturers vicious entrance, the product hardware configuration and function of virtual label, exaggerated multi-core performance "advantage", leading to consumers cheated.
See more and more consumers by unscrupulous merchants selling cheap entrap shallow box. This time, summed up the four boxes of low price box, for reference only, in order to prevent being deceived by businesses! 

Too much advertising: 
Some unscrupulous manufacturers in the low box, when selling the TV box to make money, but also sold the TV box again through mandatory ads, software to make money, now a lot of set-top boxes are updated, the advertisement is a very annoying, get in by every opening. These users tend to boot, rate of activity, the average time is far lower than the high-end box, because of the low box experience bad, too many advertisements, crash, flash back, Carlton probability is very high.
Quality is not pass: 
Cheap TV box product quality, quality is not guaranteed, especially those for only dozens of pieces of the TV box, gave you a bunch of things, I think it is cheap raw materials, which led directly to the box used for a long time to Caton, short life. But many online teardown evaluation, generally reflect the most cheap box Jerry, don't look at the propaganda of high, actually very poor performance! 

Video technology is immature: 
The biggest feature is the TV box connected to the network to watch video online, cheap box technology is not mature, can give the user a stable viewing experience, take a minute card several times is often the case, and later sold the business boxes are often unable to deal with the technical problems encountered by users, after return delivery term, the user can only send post to online complaints. 

After sale can not guarantee: 
Believe that you have bought electronic products have feelings, a product after sale is often more important than pre-sales, product use problems or product failure, need and after-sales communication. 

Buy high-end TV Box android  is the advantage of customer service and fast response, fast processing, policy perfect, and sometimes even find a box to buy cheap service not to, because of the low box not do long-term business, shops are often. 
Sum up: 
Presumably these four cases have encountered many people, the main reason is due to the low cost and the degree of Android open source system, leading to lower trade barriers, it also caused trouble in inferior products market. So when we buy TV boxes, we must not covet cheap, must polish eyes, must not be blinded by the inferior products on the market.