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Attention! TV Box Shopping guide

Attention! TV Box Shopping guide

Tomato Tomato 2017-11-03 14:20:12

In recent years, the traditional television industry is experiencing a tide of Internet baptism, all Internet Co have launched a PVR Media player with HDMI input, smart TV and Internet TV products, originally roaring waves relatively calm market TV agitation. At present, the best choice of users is the common TV + TV box collocation, not only cost-effective, but also easy to upgrade, today I will introduce in detail about the TV box shopping. I'll introduce it in several ways.

1, hardware configuration: the hardware configuration of hardware configuration selection of CPU and memory, the principle that the configuration of the bigger the better, faster CPU, more memory, operate more smoothly, if CPU is too slow or the memory is too small, it may affect the loading speed of the operating system, reduce the use of the Internet TV BOX video recording experience.

The current mainstream TV box configuration is 1.5G dual core CPU, 1G ram, 4G flash. Generally speaking, CPU and memory updating faster, that is to say, a year later, the TV box CPU may not run the latest application, three years after the CPU may be completely eliminated, so buy a TV box does not have to spend too much cost, once the future what hardware upgrades (upgrade memory and CPU), and then buy a new TV box.

2, Operating system: the current operating system of Best Android TV Box HDMI input has two kinds, Android system and iOS system, the majority of domestic products are Android system, apple Apple TV using the iOS system, but because it did not enter China, so users do not have to consider. Android system upgrade faster, so users should choose the development ability of the manufacturers, upgrade to support the TV box operating system, and to avoid the use of copycat copycat products, because products are often released after no subsequent upgrade version, greatly reduce the life cycle of the TV box.