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Attention! TV box shopping guide 2

Attention! TV box shopping guide 2

Tomato Tomato 2017-11-06 12:26:06

3, expand the interface: external interface Android Smart TV Box is also very important option, the main interface includes: video and audio output, Ethernet interface, USB interface and so on, in the aspect of software, the best able to support the iPhone and Android software application, AirPlay remote control function.

4, remote control: TV appearance and shape of the box should be smaller than the huge body better, if the installation of a HTPC, in addition to the remote operation is convenient and is also very important, can't use the wireless mouse to operate the UDP Broadcasting Android tv box, as well as experience directly on the computer to see.

5, network configuration: home broadband should be at least more than 4M, if more than one computer Internet more than the best 10M speed, the user can choose through the router WiFi or cable to connect the Bluetooth 4.0 Android Smart TV Box, recommend the use of cable without WiFi connection, it can greatly improve the viewing effect, avoid Caton. From the speed and stability, is the preferred connection cable.

6, price: finally say the price, taking into account the CPU and memory will be eliminated after two or three years, so users should not consider the price of too high products.

Summarize the skills of using TV box:

1) use the wired way instead of WiFi can significantly improve the viewing effect, avoid Caton;

2) install the TV version of each video application instead of the Android version. It can be operated by a remote controller instead of a wireless mouse;

3) choose to speed CPU box, to avoid affecting the speed of operating system;

4) avoid using Shanzhai products.