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The skill of using TV Box

The skill of using TV Box

Tomato www.sztomato.com 2017-11-07 18:56:15

1, applications: there are three categories of applications, aggregation applications, video site applications and SkyDrive class applications. 

1) generally speaking, aggregation application sources is very wide, but the film is rich in content, smooth and clear picture quality and may be worse than the original playback quality of video website. 

2) video website application is mainly used in each big video website launched its own use, recommended to install each video TV version of the application rather than the Android version, so you can not through the remote wireless mouse operation. 

Now there is a strange phenomenon, the domestic competition for the living room seems to be more than a variety of hardware software, like a raging fire to sell, but for each video website specifically for TV applications but not cold, no other audio and video application station released TV version in the official website, the user can only go to the third party forum. This is possible and policy related risk. 

2: the realization of personalized and personalized through the application of account collection function and watch the video disc. 

We can now collect our own movies, find online links on the movie page (if any), and then click on the link, log on to the video site, and then collect this movie. After that, we open the video software used in the to log in, because the TV input information is not convenient, the two-dimensional code we can use mobile phone to scan next to the login interface, login on the mobile phone, will automatically log in, then you can in the TV box video software applications in personalized video watch our collection. 

If the network video playback speed too slow, only the last method, through the USB to play, we only need to copy the downloaded video to U disk or removable hard disk, then the USB interface connected to the TV box, you can play local video, speed and clarity can be guaranteed.