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The advanced way of the box: do you remember this old antenna?

The advanced way of the box: do you remember this old antenna?

tomato sztomato.com 2017-11-09 12:03:11

When you look at the journey to the west, you don't know what the Internet is. You only know whose antenna is higher, whose TV signal is better, and the probability of TV "snowflake" is lower. 

Sometimes, in order to find a signal, climb upstairs to turn the antenna to 360 degrees, and then remember to come up with an automatic "looking for" signal of the antenna, you do not manually rotate.

80's no Android Smart TV Box, digital terrestrial television signals become the only source of all external information, and it is the only tool Yagi antenna to receive the signal. It was also a technology that was devolved from military areas and was widely used in short wave communications during World War II, such as radar technology for night fighters. After World War II, TV transmission antennas began to be used in many countries.
With the great spirit made Yagi antenna posts online, although the received signal principle is more complex, but it is not too hard Handmade. And there are detailed production drawings and steps, a little hands-on ability can try. At present, the sale of TV is to support the reception of terrestrial digital TV signal, so as long as the production of good antenna connected to the TV, you can directly watch tv. Of course, it's too old for cities with all kinds of information flooding, but it's very useful in many remote rural areas where there is no Internet access.