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Attention! How to choose the TV Box?

Attention! How to choose the TV Box?

Tomato www.sztomato.com 2017-10-26 11:03:31

A TV live in about seven years, or even longer, it is not a mobile phone every two years to update, if the TV hardware configuration before buying has lagged behind, you only need a box to make it "Resurrection", but not just buy a  Android tv box on the line, the following 5 points we must pay attention to. 
Appearance design pays attention to details 
TV box shapes, can choose according to the aesthetic habit of personal freedom, to pay attention to the use of shell material (acrylic / Aluminum Alloy etc.), there are some design details of the design, such as indicator at the bottom of the anti-skid pad processing etc.. 

The higher the hardware configuration, the better 
Although the TV box is not expensive, the hardware can not keep up, throw away a new, do not feel bad, but when you buy, or as far as possible to buy high configuration. 

What is high configuration, mainly look at the processor, memory, flash memory these.. If a box does not specify the specific model of the processor, this box is best not to buy. In addition, 2GB memory is necessary, storage space is at least 8GB, it is best to reach 16GB. 

Interface on demand 
TV box common interface is HDMI and USB, the best is the latest interface specifications (HDMI2.0, USB3.0), if it is used to connect old TV, to see if there is no AV interface (AV cable is generally not standard, different brands of set-top box is not universal, so to see whether the adaptation of the AV cable to buy). Home wireless network is not stable even if there is a wired network interface. 

Although the Set top box can be installed at all kinds of video APP, but its built-in video platform is also very important, after all, every time to open the third party applications will be a bit of trouble. 

The system must be good 
The TV box system is basically based on Android 5.0/6.0, after the depth of customization after the difference is really quite large, such as the installation of third party software cannot be placed in the home, U disk access can not find the entrance, or in the local file playback in the film can not be automatically matching subtitles, seemingly not worth mentioning, but if you do not really quite suck up. 
In addition, voice control has become the standard of many smart TV, has been popular in the Best Android TV Box , in film and television search is still very practical. 

Remote control is also important 
Finally, I suggest you look at the remote control box is what button layout as simple as possible, it is used more conveniently, also it is best to use a Bluetooth connection, each key to the box and do not have to, so there is a benefit, the box can be hidden in the back of the television, will not let the desktop clutter. 

A small box can make TV better and better, the premise is to buy the right, do not know how to start when you can consider from the above 5 aspects.