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Digital Signage Application(5)

Digital Signage Application(5)

Tomato Tomato 2014-10-17 18:22:40
The main solution is as follows:

1. KTV Digital Signage
Each KTV There are many places to use an LCD TV or monitor to play KTV publicity, promotional discounts and public information for.
In order to facilitate the client playback device management, content on playing, playing time for unified control, improve the image of KTV facilitate customers to come to sing, convey important social information, and therefore require an easy to use, good maintenance, stable and reliable multimedia information distribution system.

2.  Restaurant digital signage
Holidays to restaurant meals, waiting for the receptionist to serve this time most people tough. Restaurant, generally need to recruit a lot of staff, but the phenomenon often appears twofold: there how no one stepped forward to call the service first, even if there are a lot of circumstances attendant, guests are always more time to go there, and second, if the business is relatively when light, waiter and nothing to do, faced with such a dilemma, the best solution is to use the Apostle automatic ordering system, not too many staff, as long as the dish on the display selected OK, the menu will be sent to kitchen, well after someone sent the guests table. Guests can also have what it takes in the above operation can be. This restaurant digital signage system can save time for the guests a la carte, increase fullness of the guests, but also a lot of a la carte where guests bring huge economic benefits.

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