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Digital Signage Application(4)

Digital Signage Application(4)

Tomato Tomato 2014-10-17 16:26:58

The main solution is as follows:

1. shopping malls or retail stores
Such as super markets, clothing stores, mobile phone stores. Store digital signage in all areas of development are good, many large shopping malls and even small stores have chosen behind respected digital signage, for the rapid development of Shanghai in terms of competitiveness store digital signage is not a small, product quality and technology research and development are in a different speed increase.

2. Airport Digital Signage
Passenger information system is relying on multimedia network technology, computer system as the core, through the station and car display terminal for the media to provide information services to travelers systems. Passenger information systems under normal circumstances, provide car notes, service hours, the train to send time, train schedules, managers announcement, government announcements, travel information, stock information, media news, live events, advertising and other real-time dynamic multimedia information; under fire, obstruction and terrorist attacks and other non-normal circumstances, provide dynamic emergency evacuation tips. Vehicle equipment by receiving real-time wireless transmission of information in the train compartment LCD display audio and video playback after treatment. Guests through the right information to guide service, safe and convenient way to take mass transit.

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