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Digital Signage Application(2)

Digital Signage Application(2)

Tomato Tomato 2014-10-16 18:30:28

The main solution is as follows:(2)

1. the medical industry digital signage
This system is mainly used within the hospital enterprise network platform by installing a large screen and play terminal built in a prominent position in the form of a multimedia information distribution system, specific applications as follows: knowledge of disease, health knowledge propaganda, carried out in different departments such as diabetes, heart disease should pay attention to the details of everyday life are described. Featured clinics and departments introduced to improve visibility, facilitate patient medical treatment. Authority of doctors, experts, facilitate patient demand targeted diagnosis, shorten treatment time. New drugs, therapies and new medical equipment propaganda instrument to facilitate patient understanding of medical trends, facilitate patient treatment, improve hospital economic efficiency. Urgent, real-time information or notice spots, registration and emergency information dissemination, and improve efficiency. Medical navigation electronic map display hospitals to facilitate patient counseling and treatment. Remote hospitals to focus on staff training, conduct business or other aspects of learning anytime, anywhere. Image videos, product advertising, shaping the hospital brand image. Promote the concept of healthy living, promote good habits, to the role of public advocacy. Scenery piece or other beneficial for patients broadcast, regulating patient mood, create a good atmosphere for treatment.

2. operating room digital signage
Business Office usually refers to large-scale, multi-number and wide distribution outlets, such as China Unicom and other large mobile operators in major distribution outlets nationwide, customer service and payment-based, business offices operating system includes multimedia information internal agency information dissemination, training, and promotional services, such as image advertising and external public advertising operations.

3. the chain digital signage
Chain such as supermarket chains, pharmacies, cosmetics, real estate agents, restaurants and other large chain organizations, the establishment of the system can not only set advertising, the professional advertising operations can also be shared inside information, business training, including promotional information publishing market a window platform operations.

4. hotel multimedia digital signage
Hotels multimedia information system, including VOD system of hotel rooms and hotel public areas of the hotel information dissemination inquiry system. Such as the introduction hotel and catering, entertainment, conferences and other services, and by establishing a platform for information dissemination in improving the quality of services at the same prompt hotel brand and image.

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