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Digital Signage Application(1)

Digital Signage Application(1)

Tomato Tomato 2014-10-16 18:10:07

By combining digital signage streaming media servers and a variety of set-top boxes and provide a variety of applications and solutions. All system is completely based on the corporate network or the Internet can be used as a network platform to run a variety of multimedia information systems, and supports all of the mainstream media information, which allows businesses, large organizations, operators or chain mechanism to build a multimedia information system-based network for provide users with high-quality multimedia information services.

The main solution is as follows:

1, government, business premises digital signage
This system is a government agency or a large enterprise by installing a terminal display and play a prominent position in the office to publish internal information and outreach established image of a multimedia information distribution system. Establish a cultural propaganda platform, brand demonstration window.

2, Bank private network digital signage
The system is using the bank's proprietary internal network platform by installing LCD screen and player terminals in the major operating room instead of the previous LED electronic display and the establishment of a multimedia information distribution system, the main functions are as follows: Financial Information Real-time publishing, such as interest rates, exchange rates, funds, bonds, gold, financial news and so on. Financial knowledge, electronic banking, banking introduction. Staff training, training content can advance a player point onward transport, according to branch, sub-branch or each operating room to flexibly arrange training. The bank's internal or external advertising platform, new value-added service carrier. Corporate culture propaganda, enhance brand image.

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