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Do you really understand the features of Android TV Stick?

Do you really understand the features of Android TV Stick?

Tomato www.sztomato.com 2017-12-18 14:59:05

We all know Android smart set-top boxes. Only from the name point of view, set-top boxes and TV sticks, obviously the latter is more able to arouse the curiosity of consumers. In addition to the appearance of design, TV sticks and set-top boxes are different, then the actual function of the product, What experience 4K hdmi android stick give users?

In product features, Android 4.0 smart phones generally carry the Android system has a good performance, support tens of thousands of Android software download and install, supports a variety of native Android features.

And specific to the practical application, Android hdmi tv stick 4K can be connected to the Internet, watch online TV, movies, watch the news and even play games; even without Internet access, Android TV stick has a USB interface / TF slot / SD card slot, Can also play stored in the memory of the content; advanced players can even install BT download software to the smart TV stick, use the free time to download content, easy to use watch. Support HTML5, FLASH10.1 video decoding capabilities to let TV also entered the post-smart era. Some smart TV sticks, equipped with higher performance CPUs, can not only decode files in a variety of video formats but also play 3D and 1080P Full HD videos.

In addition to enabling the TV to function like a tablet, best android hdmi stick can also be connected to a monitor with an HDMI interface, plugged into a smart TV stick, and become a working Android computer, send and receive email, instant messaging software , Office document processing, etc. To play PPT to guests, you can bring a compact Android computer stick into the projector's HDMI port, and use the same computer.

Some TV sticks can also support cloud storage technology, many users usually take pictures of mobile phones, video, will be stored directly to the cloud, such as microblogging is a kind of cloud storage. Back home, using a smart TV stick, you can easily see some of the travel playback on television. More smart TV sticks can support DLNA function, support file sharing or control operation of mobile phones, tablet PCs and TV sets, bringing new experience of multi-screen interaction and entertainment sharing.