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Education industry with Smart set top box

  • Author:Tomato
  • Source:Tomato
  • Release on:2014-10-09
   To used the education industry and Internet by Smart set top box as early as already appears in a dozen years ago. Firstly, based on in distance education, e-campus and online promotion .Then because of its huge market, fierce competition, high dispersion and other characteristics, the education sector has been much attention.
   As we know that the smart set-top box combines the people's livelihood, education, health, shopping, games and entertainment six categories of applications, it is provide users with an integrated smart home solutions. Not only can it provides many TV channels and massive full HD video services, but also for the people's basic needs and other information with daily life.
   Such as our new smart set top box TM8S,TM8C.It is an innovative multimedia center with an Andoid based operating System that allows you to play and view content without paying for cable or any monthly subscriptions.Just plug it in and discver a whole world of live TV,TV shows,sporting events,photos,music and more.And it can work with all kind of projectors including wireless projectors.It is very convenient for the school.